Women Pilots Choose Moton Field

Women pilots choose Moton Field for its geographic location and Tuskegee Airmen history.

The Paradise Coast Chapter of the 99s is an organization based in Florida that is comprised of women who are serious about aviation.

They have organized an air race set for May of 2018 that will begin in Meridian, Mississippi and when its time to refuel, the planes will stop in Tuskegee.

Thomas Day, manager at Golden Eagle Aviation invited ECHOboom to meet with Ellen Herr and Terry Carbonell the day the women flew into Tuskegee to make arrangements for their affiliated pilots to stop at Moton Field during the race.

They explained that their Paradise Coast Chapter is a member of the International Organization of Women Pilots. The parent  organization was founded by 99 women including Amelia Earhart. They also feel a kinship with the Tuskegee Airmen, black men who were underestimated by military authorities during World War 2.  These same officials also held back Women Air Service Pilots or WASP.

Meeting them made me curious so I conducted a little research and found interesting information  about the evolution of WASP. In 1942, there was a shortage of pilots so the government gambled on an experimental program that involved training women to fly so that male pilots could be released for combat duty.

Fast forward to today and women pilots are running their world including the air race, which will help to perpetuate women in aviation. Entry fees will go towards scholarships for women who are training to become pilots.

Watch the video below for details on the Paradise 600 Air Race.