An Unlikely Tourism Treasure

It’s probably not the first place that comes to mind when you are planning a vacation, but you may want to add graveyards to your tourism experience when you visit Macon County.

As my husband, Noah Hopkins was preparing to publish the next edition of his Tuskegee/Macon County Tourism Resource Guide, his hometown instincts flared up and he saw cemeteries through the eyes of a New Orleans native, which he is. He remembered seeing tourists in New Orleans meandering through graveyards, marveling at the above ground tombs and vaults.

So when he spotted a small graveyard on a back road in a rural Macon County community with tombstones dating back to the late 1700s, he was intrigued. Three mighty moss trees add a surreal and serene touch to the atmosphere. Noah says, “This cemetery, the final resting place for the souls buried there, was visually stunning. I have been told there are several other historic cemeteries throughout our community and I want know about all of them.”

Noah is the leading tourism advocate in Tuskegee and Macon County. Over the years, he has published several issues of the Tourism Resource Guide and is almost finished with the latest magazine. In addition to a feature story on cemeteries, he is also showcasing historic homes in Tuskegee and Macon County.  In fact, his cover is dedicated to The Oaks, a popular tourist attraction in Tuskegee, which is the former family residence of Booker T. Washington.

Primarily, these magazines are for visitors to help them navigate their tourism experience while they are in Tuskegee and Macon County. Through an arrangement with the Alabama Tourism Department, these publications are distributed at all of the welcome centers in Alabama. These welcome centers accommodate seven million travelers annually and the magazines are premium exposure for tourist attractions and businesses.  A large number of magazines are given to local businesses in Tuskegee and Macon County and a substantial number to event organizers and family reunion planners, who in turn give them to their attendees.  

Tuskegee officials have included copies in their packet for bond rating meetings in New York to document that a lot of positive things are happening here.

If you want to advertise in the magazine or know of something with tourist-related value that visitors would like to see or read about, contact Noah Hopkins at or call 334-725-8496.