Tuskegee on “Our Kind of Town”

Tuskegee was the chosen place for a segment on “Our Kind of Town” that aired on the nationally televised Huckabee Show initially on March 10, 2018.

A product of veteran media professionals Patrick Wallace and Jesse Harris, the video is a beautiful cinematography portrait of Tuskegee.

Dr. Elaine Harrington is a factor in this project.

A few months ago, she was contacted by a producer with the Huckabee Show who was inquiring about Tuskegee and the annual Carver Festival, held each spring. She put the producer in touch with Patrick Wallace who is the manager of the Tuskegee cable access television channel. Patrick also generates video footage using aerial drone equipment.

Jesse Harris provided archival footage of the Carver Festival, which added a lively flair to the video vignette.

BTW, this year the Carver Festival will be held on Saturday, May 5th.

For your convenience, the video is embedded below.