Sister City Delegation Coming to Tuskegee

Our sister city relationship with South Berwick, Maine has evolved to an exciting point.

A delegation from South Berwick is coming to Tuskegee for the first time. The visitors will arrive on December 3rd and stay until December 6th and we have mapped out an itinerary that ensures a memorable experience. They will connect with Macon County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Jacqueline Brooks to compare notes concerning education with special emphasis on technology. They will meet with the Macon County Ministerial Alliance and also attend the Tuskegee University Golden Voices Christmas Concert.

They are extremely interested in our rich and powerful history and they will visit several of this community’s historic destinations including Tuskegee University and the Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site. Considering the national climate concerning diversity, this sister city relationship is uplifting. It shows that we can respectfully co-exist in our country, even though we may be of different persuasions.  On behalf of the citizens of Tuskegee, I thank the visionaries in South Berwick who raised the idea of a sister city union with Tuskegee in response to disturbing police shootings of African-Americans in other cities around the country. South Berwick is 97.6 per cent white and Tuskegee is 95.8 per cent black. Yet we have identified common ground in areas of shared interest.

I am encouraging everyone to attend any of the public functions involving our guests. On Tuesday, December 5th they will be at the Utilities Board of Tuskegee (UBT) meeting at the Tuskegee Municipal Complex. Afterwards, around 7:30pm there will be a casual meet and greet also at the Municipal Complex. Their visit opens the door to a possible exchange program involving various delegations traveling between our city and theirs. For now, it is Tuskegee’s turn to welcome our sister city representatives, listen to hear what they have to say and show them our brand of hospitality.