SGA Deserves Thanks

The Tuskegee University SGA deserves thanks for a service project that makes life a little more palatable for anyone who uses a certain campus parking lot.

It’s no secret that parking at the university can be quite troublesome at certain times of the day. In many locations there aren’t even parking lot lines. So on Saturday December 2nd, the Student Government Association (SGA) Community Service Committee sponsored a service project.

There were 31 volunteers that came out to help paint parking lot lines near John A. Kenney Hall (Bioethics Building).

Geron Johnson SGA community service co-chair stated, “We came to the conclusion that redoing the parking spaces on campus would be a good cheap way to help alleviate the problem until other things can be done that cost money”. In October, they painted another parking lot on campus with the help of 18 volunteers.

But painting parking spaces isn’t all that they have been doing. Earlier this semester they collected money to send to a relief organization in support of victims of Hurricane Irma. As for future events they are still in the works, but we are sure they will be helpful to the community.