SGA Candidates Speak Out

Those who attended Tuskegee University’s final speak out for the 2018-2019 student government association election can attest to the fact that this speak out was truly like no other. As we may know, the first speak out was organized to introduce each candidate and let them present his or her vision for what they plan to accomplish if they were elected to hold a position on SGA.

However, the second speak out was intended to extend participation to the students as we were able to submit questions to the candidates online. In addition, the candidates also received an opportunity to ask their opponents’ questions. Although these events are supposed to be conducted with certain levels of professionalism, it is evident that these candidates were very passionate and purposeful to say the least when it came to choosing their questions.

Some students were openly disgusted at how provoking some of the questions were. Candidates were accused of running simply based on popularity. This has been an ongoing concern at the university. Students feel as though people are voting for their friends rather than voting for the most capable candidate, which in turn is limiting the progression of not only Student Government Association, but for the student body at large.

Candidates were also questioned about how students will be able to depend on them based on past histories. Things got extremely chaotic and offense was definitely taken by the question. The focus was shifted from SGA and became centered around personal issues. The biggest elephant in the room stemmed from a candidate being asked about a tweet she sent out in the past, expressing her opinion about the necessity for a Miss Thick Tuskegee Pageant being acknowledged on campus. This candidate previously felt like there was no need for thick girls to have a separate pageant because “they already occupy space” on campus. However, she informed the audience that she is now educated on the subject and does not feel this way anymore.

Students described this speak out as more of a dramatic reality show than an informative event, because most people had intentions of embarrassing or exposing candidates instead of actually focusing on what they could bring to the table if allotted the position they desired. Some students felt the way that the speak out was conducted was ruthless, while others found it very entertaining.

Voting has been extended due to unforeseen technical issues, however winners will be announced very soon. Stay tuned to find out who will serve on Tuskegee University’s 2018-2019 Student Government Association.