Remembering My “Page Mate”

Remembering my “Page Mate”

Harold Powell called me his “page mate.”  It was a play on “classmate” or “cell mate” words that imply people have shared space and time.

Harold and I were together each week relating to the audience that reads The Tuskegee News. His picture and mine were featured side by side at the top of page 5. He wrote about progress in Shorter as well as politics anywhere and everywhere. His articles were always thought provoking and well written.

I will miss his insights. I also will miss his opinions of the local scene, especially people who are involved with city and county politics.  One particular conversation stands out. Harold told me about how Shorter became an incorporated community with its own governmental structure. I choose not to repeat the conversation to shield the innocent but mostly to spare the guilty. He also talked about his role in business development and how the Town of Shorter landed Halla (now Hanon) Systems.

He showed me architectural plans for future growth in Shorter and verbally painted a picture of his town as a flourishing community.

He hinted at businesses that would transform Exit 22 and now as we see Love’s Travel Stop, Subway’s and McDonalds there with a steady flow of customers, I know Harold Powell truly had his finger on the pulse of economic development in Macon County.

My last time seeing Harold Powell was August 1, 2017 when we both attended this meeting – Glad I snapped this photo

The last time I saw him was at a meeting hosted by the Macon County Economic Development Authority last August.

He flashed that million dollar smile and commended me for creating ECHOboom. He also said he wanted to talk with me about an idea he had. Judging by our prior talks, I am willing to bet his idea was smart and intriguing. I will never know what was on his mind and that saddens me. But I really feel for his family. I pray they find the strength to get through this difficult time. Harold’s death is such a shock and the loss ripples throughout the community affecting Shorter, Macon County and his faithful newspaper audience.

Mayor Tony Haygood shares fond memories of Harold Powell in the video below.