Prepping for Hurricane Nate

Prepping for Hurricane Nate sums up the work that was being done throughout Macon County by agencies involved with emergency efforts in the name of precaution and public safety.

As we were wrapping up the ECHOboom content for this week, Hurricane Nate was continuing to strengthen and was headed towards the Gulf Coast.  It was expected to be a Category 2 storm when it made  landfall on Saturday, October 7th.

Fortunately, Hurricane Nate fizzled out and by Sunday, October 8th, it was clear we could relax in this community.

However, when the situation was uncertain, we spoke with Frank H. Lee at the Macon County Emergency Management Agency about what his office was doing to get ready for the bad weather and what ordinary citizens should do to safeguard against the weather threat.

Click the box below to hear Frank Lee’s common sense advice.