New Year, New Challenges, Renewed School Spirit

New Year, New Challenges, Renewed School Spirit. This is the state of affairs at Tuskegee University right now.

It’s back to the illustrious Tuskegee University and it wouldn’t be the Tuskegee we love and cherish without a few minor hiccups.

After years of staying in a dorm, I moved into an on-campus apartment with my cousin and two best friends. With us, things are going well. For others, the move-in wasn’t so easy. There was a large influx of incoming freshmen and not enough housing.

Over the summer there were quite a few changes in technology. Our website was redesigned with a new sleek white background that is refreshing.  And we are currently in the process of switching over from a Google mail e-mail system to Microsoft Outlook. But many students were hit with the issue of being locked out of their Tiger Web accounts, days before their classes started, preventing them from viewing classes, account statements and financial aid information. We later found out our usernames were changed not only for our Tiger Web accounts but also for our domain accounts to log onto campus computers. The issue wasn’t that the usernames were changed but that we weren’t informed that they would be. To add insult to injury, even after they were changed we still weren’t informed.

All of these things combined led to much confusion, but it seems as if everything has been settled. We may have our difficult times at TU but we love her nonetheless.