New SGA Leadership

New SGA Leadership at Tuskegee University is in place after a nail biting weekend of waiting for decisions on two key positions.

The winners of the election for the 2018-2019 Student Government Association(SGA) cabinet have finally been revealed.

Serving as our SGA President is Kieauna Strickland, who ran on the platform of “Secure the Bag.”

Kieauna previously served as Miss SGA and SGA Health Committee Advisor. Because of her past contributions, it will be great to see what she has in store for the student body in this new position.

Coming in as our SGA Vice President is Micah Grey, who ran his campaign on the slogan “Be The Bar.” He put emphasis on this slogan because he feels it is important for us to find our role and deliver with excellence. He believes that not only should we meet our expectations, but rise above them.

There was a tie in voting for the first round of SGA Events Coordinator between Johanna Erin Dixon and Alyssa Walker. After a second round of voting, Alyssa Walker took the title.

Alyssa’s mantra for her campaign was “RECONSTRUCTION: Rebuilding the Standard of Excellence.” She truly wants to take student life at Tuskegee to a different level by holding new and unique events on campus more frequently for everyone to enjoy.

Lastly, we have Malik Fowler serving as our SGA Judicial Advisor. He ran his campaign on the slogan “Legally Minded.”

Malik wants every student to be educated on the student handbook, so that we can be tried for any occurrences as fairly as possible. He believes that the more we know about the expectations set on us by the university, the better we will be at avoiding conflict that could potentially lead us into trouble.

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2018-2019 Student Government Association!