Ms. Apperwhite is Healing

There is good news about a Tuskegee woman who suffered a terrible loss recently.
Ms. Apperwhite is healing.
Greetings from Lindsey Lunsford,
It’s been 3 short weeks since Ms. Estelle Apperwhite lost her home in a devastating fire. However, she has not let this experience break her spirit or her stride. She’s begun the process of healing and recovery as her community gathers around her to show love and support.
Her online GoFundMe account has raised a little more than $1,600 on its way to reaching the goal of $5,000. She is looking to settle in a new home shortly and is gathering home goods now to furnish her space.
Her wounds are healing and she’s been in good contact with her doctors.
We are so pleased she’s on the road to healing. If you can contribute to the process of helping her rebuild please donate to her GoFundMe Campaign or donate furniture and clothing items by calling 334-439-0202.