Live @ “Beychella”!

Beyonce was truly Live at “Beychella”! and anyone who invested the time to witness her history-making performance, saw a show they will always remember.

After returning to Tuskegee’s campus Saturday night, I sat down to watch live Beyoncé’s return to the stage at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Knowing that she was supposed to perform last year but couldn’t because she was pregnant with twins, my friends and I could only imagine what she would have up her sleeve this year.  For almost two hours, she put on a performance bursting at the seams with Black culture and leaving those who watched from home wishing they were there.

Beyoncé CONSISTENTLY threw eight counts without hesitation. She had a band made up of alumni from various HBCUs, and she threw majorette stans throughout the performance. What made the moment so special for me was that as I was watching this on the campus of an HBCU. Her performance was a direct reflection of our campus life.
By the end of the night, there was no denying that what she had done was legendary. What made it so impactful was in front of an audience full of white people at a music festival started by white people, there was a Black woman unapologetically putting on a performance that featured quotes from Malcolm X,  a recitation of the Black National Anthem, a stunning visual reference to Queen Nefertiti and swag surfing.
What sets Beyoncé apart from any other entertainer Black or White, Male or Female, is that she can sing and dance for an entire two-hour performance and still sound clear vocally. Many times artists easily get winded, or it’s obvious when they start to get worn out. Her breath control is indeed a talent in and of itself.
In a world where being a Black woman is probably one of the least easy things to be, Beyoncé takes ownership of it and has reflected it in the art she creates. For as long as I have been able to comprehend music there has been Beyonce. Her music career has grown with my life, and I don’t know a world without Beyonce creating music in it. I appreciate her contribution to the culture and am excited to see her live in concert on August 25th.
Thank you for being the first Black woman to headline one of the biggest music festivals in the world and using that time to reflect the greatness that is my people.