Internship Reflections – Trenyce Williams

Internship Reflections – Trenyce Williams recounts the lessons learned while she worked as a contributing blogger for ECHOboom.

My experience working with ECHOboom has truly made a positive impact on both my career goals and my overall life in general.

Ms. Karin Hopkins has exceeded her role as a supervisor to us. She is such a genuine person and she has shown us on several occasions that she has our best interest at heart. She is someone that we feel like we can talk to about any and everything. She gives us great advice such as stressing to us the importance of knowing our worth, not letting anyone belittle us, not hanging around people who bring negativity to our spirits, and to always go the extra mile in our work environments. Her mentorship has been a blessing to my life and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with someone as caring and open as she is.

ECHOboom has also helped me improve my writing skills tremendously. I am so happy that I got to do what I love with such a great team. It boosted my confidence to know that people were actually interested in my articles. It made me feel like my voice was actually being heard and that my views and opinions mattered. It was also fun to educate people about certain pop culture topics within our generation such as the “Situationships” blog.

The assignments I was given by Ms.Hopkins also took me out of my comfort zone by making me go to more events on campus and meet new people. I used to feel self-conscious about talking to people I did not know, but by working with ECHOboom I learned that it is important to do so because you never know what you can learn people.

When I went to the rally on campus held for Stephon Clark, I was so nervous because I did not know anyone there. However, everyone I met was so nice and welcoming that I ended up feeling comfortable with them. It was so enlightening to hear people share their stories and poetry about police brutality. I ended up being so glad that I went and I know I probably would not have gone if it were not for the assignment.

Working with ECHOboom did not feel like a task or a chore. It felt like a hobby. It is also such a great starting point for us to have. When applying to internships and other professional opportunities, a website or blog link is often requested. I finally have a collection of all my published work housed on the ECHOboom platform. This could make a huge difference for me in the future because it could be the reason someone wants to hire me to work for his or her company.

It is truly a blessing to have had this opportunity, and I will forever hold the teachings from this experience with me.