Igniting a Movement to Rebuild Tuskegee

Igniting a Movement to Rebuild Tuskegee is the manifestation of a commitment by a Tuskegee University student and a recent graduate who are determined to revitalize Tuskegee.

Aleeyah Sanders and Jazlyn Fuller have co-founded Rebuild Tuskegee LLC and are working with likeminded people  to transform Tuskegee, one property at time.

On Monday, February 20, 2018, the group partnered with a local resident to clean and renovate one of his properties. Rebuild Tuskegee coordinated a group of students and alumni also known as the #RebuildTuskegeeTeam to work on the property.

In addition to coordinating community service projects Aleeyah and Jazlyn also are encouraging Tuskegee alumni to invest back into the community. They believe that the only way we can rebuild this historic town is to initiate or support the changes you would like to see.

Also, if you are interested in buying property or land in Tuskegee, you can find properties and land for sale on their website, www.rebuildtuskegee.com.

To see the crew in action, watch the video below.