Hard Living for ARM

This is Lisa Pierce’s home from October 4 – 10

Hard living for ARM  means willingly giving up the nice things that make life comfortable for a cause you believe in.

Lisa Pierce has been doing this since October 4th.

She is living in a shack that is smaller than most people’s bedroom clothes closet. During the bad weather that drenched our area on Sunday, October 8th, water leaked inside The Shack. She improvised repair work by sticking plastic in the holes. She is doing this to emphasize that many families do not have a choice; harsh living in substandard housing is their reality.

The Shack is set up on Gay Street in Auburn. There is a similar structure right next to it where others can stay to share the joys and pains of empathy and sacrifice.

Lisa hopes to touch people’s hearts so they will dig in ther wallets and donate during an annual fundraiser for Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM).

ARM has raised $35,000 and is asking the public to contribute in small and large amounts to help meet the $100,000 goal.

The funds will allow ARM to serve more elderly residents and low-income families through the Sweet Homes for Alabama program.

The fundraising campaign runs through November 1st.

Give online at www.arm-al.org

Text ‘give’ to 334.731.7637