Fighting Food Insecurity

Fighting Food Insecurity is the motivation behind a project initiated by the Tuskegee Wesley Foundation, campus ministry. This entity, which is recognized as an official Tuskegee University student organization, affiliated with the United Methodist Church, is putting faith into action.

A few organizations that are affiliated with Tuskegee University teamed up to start and maintain a garden of fresh fruits and vegetables on a vacant field near the main campus.

The Tuskegee Wesley Foundation recruited the Plant and Soil Science organization and a few students under the concentration of Agriculture to participate in the development of the garden. Braxton Bush, president of the Wesley Foundation had the vision to start this project during the spring semester of 2017. After applying for multiple grants and going through a year-long process of completing the necessary paperwork, Braxton and the Tuskegee Wesley Foundation were finally able to see their idea come to fruition when the first seeds and plants were placed in soil on February 28, 2018.

The purpose of the garden is to give back to the community and to provide access to healthy food alternatives grown by our very own peers. It is important to have healthy food options because African-Americans are more prone to diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and other serious health conditions.

Lack of access to healthy foods is a leading, contributing factor, which is why Tuskegee is considered to be a food desert. By planting fresh fruits and vegetables in the community, people can improve their eating habits and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

On the field, students were taught by Master Gardener, Lee Thomas, how to properly plant. By working in teams, they maximized efficiency and successfully filled the plot of land assigned to them. With much care and diligence, soon there will be lots of freshly grown fruits and vegetables for students and people within the community to enjoy.

This project is the result of collaboration involving the following organizations and individuals:

-Tuskegee Wesley Foundation Students
-Tuskegee University College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences (CAENS)
-Tuskegee University Farm Crew
-Bonnie Plant Farm
-Bonnie Plant Farm, VP Tim Trussell and Jason McLaney, National Sales Manager
-AWFUMC Board of Higher Education and Campus Ministry
-Tuskegee Wesley Foundation Board of Directors
-Master Gardner Lee Thomas

To watch the first day of planting, see the video below.