Dr. Elaine Harrington Responds to IQ Attack

Dr. Elaine Harrington Responds to IQ Attack is a statement from a respected voice in the Tuskegee community.

Recently, President Donald J. Trump traveled to Moon Township, Pennsylvania to campaign for Rick Saccone, a state legislator who was running for Congress. As usual, the President went off script, lost his campaign focus and resorted to personal attacks on currently serving congressional women (Pelosi and Waters).

The attack on Congresswoman Maxine Waters, now in her 21st year in the Congress, was heard and immediately denounced by me, a Black woman and retired professor-academician. Regarding California’s Democratic representative, he asked the audience the question twice: “Did you ever see her?” He then went on to offer this response: “She’s a low-IQ individual.”

For me, I totally denounce, reject, disapprove, denunciate, regret and plainly refute the President’s characterization of the intelligence of Rep. Waters. His attack on her is really an attack on many women, especially Black women of African descent who function in a daily mode at high standards of intelligence and cognition.

During National Women’s History Month, President Trump must be advised/informed of the theme, “Nevertheless She Persisted.” Like Rep. Waters, thousands of intellectual, astute, brilliant, and sharp-minded women will not be silenced!!

Count me in the vocal group!