Bon Voyage Phillip Stringer

Bon Voyage Phillip Stringer is a send off for a young man who has made his mark on Tuskegee.

He moved here a few years ago to attend Tuskegee University and adopted this community as his permanent home. Throughout his time here, Phillip Stringer has earned tremendous respect.   Quiet and soft-spoken, he exudes confidence and self-assurance. These qualities have served him well as he established himself as a businessman in the Tuskegee real estate sector. He purchased his first properties right around the time he was graduating from Tuskegee University with a Chemical Engineering degree.

Phillip is relocating to the Los Angeles area. He has been promoted by Pharmavite LLC and starts his new job December 4, 2017. Since joining Pharmavite in February 2016, he has been an Industrial Engineer focusing on performance standards for nutraceuticals while also identifying waste and developing strategies to best utilize the company’s manufacturing capacity. He has been promoted to New Process Development Engineer and his work will entail scaling up new products after they come out of research and development.

Phillip has made great strides professionally but if you have known him awhile, you expect nothing less.

During his college years, he was an exceptional member of a student business organization called Enactus. In 2013, he and his student partners won second place and $10,000 in the Ford Motor Company – HBCU Community Challenge. Phillip’s contribution to the team was a project called Tuskegee Biogas Technology, which converts waste into renewable energy sources. Pharmavite was among the corporate sponsors of Enactus.  Company executives were so impressed with Phillip, they brought him on board as an intern in February 2016 and hired him full-time upon graduation a few months later.

Outside of work, there is another side to Phillip. He has purchased distressed homes in Tuskegee, thereby building his personal net worth, while also eradicating blight.

Born in Mississippi, he is a citizen of the world. His father was in the military and the family lived in many cities within the United States and in foreign countries including Japan.

Phillip chose to attend Tuskegee University because his mother went there along with many of her friends. The legacy loyalty within his family continues with Phillip who says, “Going there was the greatest decision of my young adult life. Coming to Tuskegee you learn a lot of different skill sets, whether it be academic, social or career development, you learn so many different things that prepare you for the real world.”

His college experience extended beyond the classroom to global travels to France, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Panama, Costa Rico, Brazil, Mexico, Honduras and Canada.

The impact Tuskegee University had on his life is deeply profound. Phillip says, “One of the major things that Tuskegee teaches is the value of being counterintuitive. The university teaches you to forbear, meaning not everything is going to be perfect, sometimes there will be issues and you wish things could be better but with passion, love and a clear vision of what you want to do, Tuskegee becomes a springboard to achieve the aspirations that you have.”

In November 2016, when ECHOboom introduced the “Living The Dream” series, we launched with a video and blog about Phillip Stringer.

We entitled that segment “Engineered to Amaze.” Concerning Phillip Stringer, the title still fits.