Bibs and Blankets International Presents Awards

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BABI is on a mission to salute and uplift the good within our Macon County village.

As “it takes a village to raise a child”  I have learned that “It takes a strong backbone to serve a community.”

At BABI- Bibs And Blankets International, our goal is to be a positive influence within the community by instilling morals and value systems that support growth and prosperity in Macon County.

We choose to honor the hardworking individuals who are serving the village with their time and energy. These citizens often go unnoticed and unrecognized.

Our goal at BABI is to dispel the negative myths about our village and to highlight  all the real superheroes in the community.

The first annual awards event was introduced on January 28, 2017.

The recipients were:

1.Dingani Nkuchwayo

  1. Jonathan Horn
  2. Judge Tiffany Johnson Cole
  3. Phyllis Wilder
  4. Norma Jackson
  5. Johnny Burton
  6. Angela Hamilton
  7. Terri B, Holcey
  8. Dr. Athema Etzioni
  9. Brian Peli Ellis
  10. Milton McGregor
  11. Guy Trammell
  12. Jimmy DJ Rush

Our second event – the BABI Youth Village Award held June 17, 2017 honored young people between the ages of 12 and 26.

The recipients were:

  1. Nyela Etzioni
  2. Maryam Williams
  3.  Samaya Gibson
  4. Aisha Williams
  5. Jamell Newton
  6. Muhammed Ibn Abdullah Ali
  7. Tamunoenefaa TJ Harry
  8. Wasilah Williams
  9. Kyra Nettles
  10. Candace Clark
  11. Asha Stegall
  12. Adrinece Beard
  13. Jarquez KR3TE Janigan
  14.  Jazlyn Fuller
  15. Lindsey Lunsford

These are the great young  leaders who are honest and transparent.  They also have high integrity–they do what they say they are going to do and they walk their talk. All 15 where chosen by community leaders in the school system, elected officials,  law enforcement , local businesses and Tuskegee University for their dedication in improving their communities through service.

We here at BABI-BIBS AND BLANKETTS INTERNATIONAL thank each of you and are looking forward to celebrating the next group of village honorees.

Tia-Muti’ah Lennora Pierrot Founder & CEO