ARM: Stretching Even Further

ARM: Stretching Even Further is about the history of Alabama Rural Ministry and new programs the organization is introducing.

A vision she had, a plan she organized and faith she stepped out on. Lisa Pierce, founder of the Alabama Rural Ministry is truly an inspiration.  After listening to her story by Joe Davis, director of the organization, I can honestly see that this lady follows her convictions.

When she was a student at Auburn University, she was involved with The Auburn Wesley Foundation where she assisted in repairing homes and working with low income families. Her work led her to become a college minister at The University of West Alabama. During her time there, she and her minister revived the plan to complete submission work and housing ministries, so she and a few others began expanding their help throughout the southeastern and southwestern parts of Alabama including in Tuskegee. For ten years, ARM has been in a partnership with Tuskegee First United Methodist Church and together, they have improved the parsonage and the church building.  The church is now headquarters to the ARM Summer Youth Mission Camp site. The work does not stop here; there is much MORE!

Just to name a couple of projects; Alabama Rural Ministry is initiating some interesting events.

From February 16-18, 2018, ARM will be hosting “Lead Up which is a weekend-long retreat for high school juniors and seniors  who  are interested in making an impact in their community and have a passion for a cause. Because Pierce experienced having a vision and was guided along the way into making her dream a reality, she believes this is a wonderful idea to pay it forward by giving students an extra push closer to their desires to lend a hand and help organize and implement their plans.

So, if you or a loved one have any high schoolers or know of some who may be interested, spread the word (More info at

If you enjoy riding bikes, do it for a cause!

From April 20-22, 2018, ARM will be having a Cycle of Service. While some may be interested in riding from Cuba, Alabama to Phenix City, Alabama, others may be interested in riding from Selma to Tuskegee.

If you are not able to physically make either of those rides,  no worries; you can simply log your miles on a spin bike, stationary bike or go cycling in the community. The funds received from each cyclist are used to support ARM’s mission, which is to provide home repair assistance to families in Macon, Lee and Sumter counties (More info at The ongoing events include Service Days, Sponsor a Child – Sonshine Kids Day Camp and Summer Mission Teams.

After many  years of perseverance and faith, Alabama Rural Ministry is now celebrating its 20th year of service. When hearing how amazed Pierce is with “God continuing to push her in the direction” of helping others, I thought to myself that that’s what I need to do; let Him lead my way into what I love to do.

I witnessed how dedicated she is in completing her work effectively and it touched something within my spirit. Her vision has inspired others so much that ARM has grown tremendously; her team is as solid as a rock! Everything was and is still being done based on a purpose, whether it be the original goal or a different one.

What ARM has done so far goes beyond my  capacity to fit into words and with God involved, there is no other way for ARM to go but up!