Tuskegee University Team Scores Big


Applaud loud and long for Tuskegee University ENACTUS for going for the gold and bringing home the equivalent of a bronze medal in the ENACTUS national competition held recently in Kansas City.

When the time came for the judges to announce the winners, only one HBCU was called to the stage and that was our own Tuskegee University team.

Out of 80 schools from across the country, Tuskegee University ENACTUS came in third place in the opening round. The team won second place in the Nature Made Healthy Living Challenge.

Since Tuskegee ENACTUS formed three years ago, the team has had steady progress but this is the first time they have won at an ENACTUS national competition. At nationals, they laid out their involvement with three local businesses and explained how their ideas and engagement have helped these entrepreneurs to improve their operations and finances.

Tuskegee Enactus