Toxic Friends

You may have toxic friends and if you do, it’s time to evaluate whether to keep these frien-enemies or let them go.  

Friends come and go just as the seasons do. For many, friendships are important. Friends become more than friends — they become family. However, at some point in our lives we have to drop a friend or two or three or more.

Friends who are questionable serve little purpose in your lives and this is more than likely because they are toxic.

By definition, a toxic friendship is a relationship characterized by behaviors on the part of the toxic partner that are emotionally and, not infrequently, physically or emotionally damaging to their the other person.

Toxic friends are harmful and can become potentially dangerous.  Who are they?  If anyone in your life shows the following signs, he or she may be toxic.

  1. A friend who is never happy for you when you tell them good news, is a toxic friend. He or she is non-verbally saying they don’t want you to grow if he or she isn’t growing.
    2. A friend who envies you and your life, career, boyfriend/girlfriend, material things or how people love you is a toxic friend. He or she is secretly wishing for your downfall in hopes of stealing your life.
    3. A friend who hits below the belt, tries to belittle you and make you feel less than when arguing is a toxic friend. This is when your toxic friend shows his or her true colors.
    4. A friend who is giving 10% in the friendship while you’re giving 90% is a toxic friend. You will do almost anything for your friend, but they fail at doing anything for you.
    5. A friend who is not trustworthy is a toxic friend. You can’t share personal information, because you’re in fear of everyone finding out. A friend who spreads your business is not a friend to keep.

Learn and remember the signs, look for warning signs and if that friend is toxic, remove yourself from that friendship and don’t look back.