THE SHACK Fundraiser Report

THE SHACK fundraiser report is the culmination of blogs we have shared on ECHOboom starting with a public appeal. It is exciting to let you know that support poured in from individuals, churches and others.

At the close of the Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM) fundraiser on November 1, 2017 a grand total of $85,607 had been raised.

Lisa Pierce stayed in THE SHACK, a tiny space with no comforts, to illustrate the never-ending hardships that people who live in substandard housing experience 24/7.

Lisa, who we all know to be humble and genuine, a person who is motivated by empathy, compassion and ministry, has had her own challenges. Lisa serves with the Alabama National Guard and she has been deployed for service during the same time of THE SHACK fundraiser.

Joe Davis and the rest of the ARM team stepped up and implemented the project. Lisa even squeezed in a trip back home to spend time in THE SHACK.

To hear more about the fundraiser including how the money will be used, watch the video posted here.