Sandy Taylor Retirement

Sandy Taylor Retirement is a blog about  a major life change for the National Park Service Superintendent.  She will leave this position on April 28, 2018 and spend some leisure time enjoying the cool taste of unsweetened tea. Before her exit, she spoke with ECHOboom about her memories and her plans.

We met at The Oaks.  First we sat on the porch and let the gentle breeze softly condition the atmopshere and our attitudes. Then we stepped inside the family home of Booker T. Washington, where a fascinating story is everywhere you turn.

The staircase rails leading  upstairs are low because Washington’s third wife, Margaret was under 5 feet tall. That also explains why the dining room table and parlor room chairs are also designed for a short person.

Sandy Taylor has been in the house many times and the tour never gets old for her.

She talked about her favorite rooms.  She also elaborated on experiences associated with her position that will remain precious memories.

To hear Sandy in her own words, watch the video embedded below.