Pathway to Prosperity

Throughout this area, there are job openings in automotive plants. And there is a training program in our community that is a pathway to prosperity for people who want to to work in this industry.

Loretta Alexander took a chunk of time out of a busy work day on Friday, February 16, 2018 to take her employees to the Macon County Career and Technical Education Center.

The employees were amazed that the center offers so many incredible training programs that can lead to jobs with good salaries.

As President of the Tuskegee Area Chamber of Commerce, this is one way that Loretta is leading by example.

She hopes other business owners will also convert their employees into grass roots advocates who can talk with their family, friends and neighbors about the training at the CTE.

The center is operated by the Macon County school system and is set up to teach high school students during regular school days. The high schoolers are also taking classes at Trenholm State Community College. When they graduate from high school, they will have college credits that can be applied to their degree requirements. Or if they choose to go straight into the work world, they will have credentials that confirm they are trained in a specific industry.

Adults can take the training classes during evening hours.

For more information, call 334.724.1236.

To see what they saw, watch the video posted below.