Ka’Mya Brooke Robinson

Greetings, all! My name is Ka’Mya Brooke Robinson and I am a proud native of Tuskegee. Being from and growing up in Tuskegee was a wonderful experience that taught me the meaning of family and  community.

My Tuskegee life gave me roots and wings, grounding me with solid values and training me to soar beyond my limitations to unimaginable heights.

At a young age, I was made aware that Tuskegee has a rich history, which includes Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Tuskegee Airmen, Lewis Adams and so many other historical icons.

This was ingrained in me because I attended pre-school on Tuskegee University’s campus, at what was then Russell’s Nursery; it is the building located right across the street from Chappie James. I transitioned to grade school at St. Joseph Catholic School and also attended Washington Public Elementary School and Tuskegee Institute Middle School. For high school, I moved to Auburn where I graduated from Auburn High. Leaving Tuskegee devastated me because she was more than just my home; she was my heart.

I started my college career at Alabama A&M University and there, I majored in English minoring in Telecommunications.

Though I learned a lot from the schools I attended, what I learned at home were life skills that molded me into a productive yet caring adult. Everything my mother Abby McGowan Robinson and my aunt Norma McGowan Jackson taught me was what they were taught not only by their parents, but from their aunt and my great-aunt Elizabeth Ray Benson. The love my “Aunt Boo-Boo” had for Tuskegee University, the city itself and our family – was infinite.

Her actions definitely spoke louder than words.  The eldest sister of 9 children, she put her four younger sisters through college (three at Tuskegee University – Tuskegee Institute at the time and one at Tennessee State University, FYI Aunt Boo Boo is at the back in this picture).  She eventually returned to Tuskegee University to continue her own education.

Once she graduated, the school sent her off to pursue a Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling from Boston University. Afterwards, she came back to Tuskegee University and started the Guidance and Counseling Program later becoming the Director of Foreign Affairs.

By the time she settled down to marry, she was older in age and never had birthed children. However, her nieces, nephews and their children including myself adopted her as our surrogate mother. To this day, I hear her voice and appreciate her strengths. She spoke all the time about cultivating harmony, supporting each other and making sure the family is secure.

I was a  junior in college, when I realized how much my great-aunt influenced me. My sister became pregnant and coming from a single parent home, I knew she and my mother would need additional help. I stepped out on faith by transferring back home to complete school at Southern Union State Community College. That way, my courses wouldn’t overwhelm me when I helped around the house. After graduating in 2014 with an Associates degree, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English in 2016 from Alabama State University dedicating my achievement to my great-aunt. I’m currently in graduate school at Southern New Hampshire University for Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.

For quite some time, I have envisioned a career as a television news anchor after watching  Valorie Lawson anchor the 6:00pm and 10:00pm newscasts on WSFA TV 12. To gain experience, I joined organizations like the Auburn High School Press, Campus Highlights at AAMU, the Communications Club at SNHU and I was inducted into the Iota Rho chapter of Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society at ASU.

When I learned about ECHOBoom from its co-founder Jazlyn Fuller, I was moved because the organization shed so much light on Tuskegee and focused more on the positive aspects of this city. I have always wanted to give back to my hometown in any way possible.

I believe that blogging for ECHOboom will enhance my writing and communication skills, and will also provide opportunities for me to get more involved with people and projects that benefit my city. 

Valorie and Karin enjoying a moment at a social event


ECHOboom President Karin Hopkins is good friends with news anchor Valorie Lawson.

Karin has arranged for Ka’Mya to meet Valorie and who knows where that will lead?

One thing is sure, when aspiration meets inspiration, an interesting conversation will take place. We promise to share highlights in a blog published on ECHOboom. Stay tuned…

“Faith makes it possible, not easy.”