Internship Reflections – Tone Lewis

Internship Reflections – Tone Lewis recounts the experiences this Tuskegee University student had while working at ECHOboom and what these experiences mean to her.

The countdown has begun; I am 11 weeks into my 12 week internship with ECHOboom. People normally countdown for things they are happy about: birthdays, graduations, vacations, etc., but I for one am not ready for this experience to end.

Before entering this internship, the question posed to me was “What do you hope to gain from this opportunity?” I stated in my introductory blog that, “I am aiming to enhance my writing skills and communication skills, along with planting my seed here with ambitions of helping ECHOboom flourish into an even more amazing company than it already is.”

Reflecting on my time here, I gained more than I expected. My writing skills were enhanced by some of the simplest grammar mistakes I didn’t even realize I was making and I learned a new style of writing. My communication skills were enhanced from the many conversations held with Mrs. Karin Hopkins. Her way of presenting a topic and getting us to elaborate until we fully understood her perspective and were able to come up with our own understanding was truly helpful. The words she would replace in my blogs increased my vocabulary showing me to how use the word the correctly. Although, I didn’t plant a seed in ECHOboom, a seed was planted in me.

I believe Mrs. Karin Hopkins was placed in my life for a reason, not only has she been the best boss, but she was has been the best mentor. From her comforting presence, calming voice, passion to help, attentive listening, and always being there for us, we knew she genuinely cared.

I know I crossed paths with her and ECHOboom for a reason and I am thankful I was given the opportunity.