High Heels in High Places

High Heels in High Places.
Groundbreaking. Strong. Trailblazing.
All words to describe the women of Tuskegee that we will honor throughout the month of March. From lawyers, to educators, to business owners; this diverse group of women show that the Tuskegee area, although small, is blessed with smart women in important leadership positions.

As a Tuskegee University student, this assignment was gratifying.  I learned about these dynamic women throughout my research and I respect each one of them for their accomplishments.

What ECHOboom is doing isn’t extravagant;  just a simple way to show appreciation for some of the wonderful women in our community.

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You can also access additional information on each woman in the “I AM WOMAN – HEAR ME ROAR” campaign featured on the Facebook page maintained by the Tuskegee Area Chamber of Commerce.

As the nation celebrates Women’s History Month we recognize several local women who are making history today.