Hidden Gems – Featuring the Genius Engineer

His name is Paul Sanford – and – he is a genius.

Living on his one-acre farm near Chehaw, he creates things that come to his head. He has a fertile imagination and an eye that sees possibilities where others cannot.

He created an outdoor kitchen with a double sink with running water-using items that other folk threw away. He wired his yard to play his vast collection of blues albums and a fabulous table and bench for his guests to sit on while they listen to BB King, Howling Wolf and Mississippi Blues artists. Sometimes he’ll throw in a little “Temptations” just to keep folk humming and tempted to dance while they sip a little wine. If you get a little heated, there is a fan to cool you off and blow the mosquitos away.

If you look around his yard, you see remarkable bar-b-que grills made from a variety of materials.

To the left lays an old fashion wash pot converted to hold coals to smoke meat, and to the right lays a tank that he cut out and placed two racks so you can grill enough chicken and ribs to feed a big family reunion or a back yard party.

Paul’s garden is neat and organized so that no matter the season, he has something good to eat. He has a special formula to keep the deer and other wild animals at bay. They seem to be afraid to raid Paul’s garden and one is not quite sure how they know to keep away.

He is not only a farmer, but also a welder, a carpenter, an auto mechanic, an electrician and an engineer as well. He says about his talent for creating things, “I take my time and turn it over in my head. Once I see the vision and figure out how it ought to go, I just do it. I don’t have to write it down on paper. It’s all in my head.” Rarely does he go to the store to buy what he needs. He just figures out how to use what he has to make it or fix it. Somehow it works.

Does he sell his products? Yes he does.

If you want to have a unique table, hand-made kitchen cabinets, bar-b-que pit or anything else you have in your mind, don’t tell him what to do, that will be a mistake. Just leave it to Paul and he will figure it out, design and build it. It will cost you, but his products are worth the price.