From Eyesore to Asset

From Eyesore to Asset is about major acreage in Tuskegee, occupied by an apartment complex that was left rotting and rusting for many years. The property has been rescued and the story ties into the WHEN WE WIN spirit that is permeating this community.

WHEN WE WIN – These prophetic words now mean even more to this community.

WHEN WE WIN has become an energy that is motivating people to dream about a better Tuskegee and also do things to make it happen.

Olga Bolden-Tiller was ahead of the trend but as she transforms a long abandoned apartment complex into livable housing, she is contributing to this renaissance.

Watch the video below to see the progress and learn more about the vision.

Olga Bolden-Tiller, PhD – Tuskegee University Associate Professor of Animal Science and Department Head, Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is also owner of Tiger Landing Apartment Homes, located at 305 Katherine Drive, Tuskegee Institute AL 36088.

Contact Dr. Bolden-Tiller at or 334.439.8582.