Fifty, Fit & Fabulous

Fifty, Fit & Fabulous is a great description of Dr. Jacqueline Brooks. Born on February 27, 1968, she has infused joy, compassion, fitness and good times into her 50th birthday.

Instead of one day, Dr. Brooks is celebrating for one full year. She started on Saturday, February 24th with a one mile Walk Run that started at Washington Plaza Shopping Center and ended at her house. Instead of gifts, she prepared a list of charities that are dear to her heart.  Family and friends were asked to pick a charity that resonated most with them and send that organization a financial contribution.

Dr. Brooks also shared a list of 50 things she wants to do in 2018.  Here are a few of the ideas on her list:  hot air balloon ride, donating blood, publication of her memoir, studying a foreign language, more frequent visits to nursing homes, attending a Broadway show in New York and the Essence Festival in New Orleans.

I wonder of her Walk Run fits the bill for  #11, which is a”Fun Run.”  She definitely addressed #22, which is “Promoting My Charities.”

By fulfilling that single priority, she helped a lot of people through her thoughtful kindness. She has set in motion great birthday vibes that will continue to ripple well after her calendar birth date.