Bike Riding for Bucks

Bike riding for bucks is serious business. It involves individuals who put their heart and soul into a project that ultimately provides affordable, decent housing to poor people in this country and beyond.

Recently, a group of bikers pedaled into Tuskegee for food, fellowship and free sleeping accommodations. It was just one of the stops during a 3,500 mile journey from San Francisco to Savannah.

The visitors were Fuller Center Bike Riders who support the mission of Millard and Linda Fuller, founders of the Fuller Center for Housing and also, Habitat for Humanity.

Millard Fuller, who is now deceased, said ” Everyone who gets sleepy at night should have a simple, decent place to lay their heads, on terms they can afford to pay.”

The Fuller Center, which is based on Christian principles, has inspired many others to show compassion for people who are less fortunate. The organization establishes covenant partnerships in communities and works with local residents on housing rehab and new construction. The Fuller Center provides cash, materials, volunteer labor and construction expertise.

The bikers, who ride to raise money for the housing program, stopped in Tuskegee for a short respite. They were warmly greeted and the doors of a local school were opened to them for a meal and a sleepover.

The motto for the Fuller Center is “We’re building a better world, one house at a time.”

For more information visit, or call 229.924.2900.